Wednesday, January 28, 2015

maisie and allergies

so. maisie. scratching, scratching, scratching. for months. allergies. but to what? help.

we have tried, not necessarily in this order. and not necessarily in rapid succession, the following. and sometimes the scratching gets a bit better, but then it always returns:
  • holistic vet (who worked wonders with lily): chinese herbs
  • neem oil. coconut oil. vinegar. lavender oil. this homeopathic remedy
  • traditional vet: children's benadryl. i'm not that fond of drugging her so she doesn't scratch
  • eventually found fleas. did everything possible non-toxic-wise, including this spray. finally gave in and got the toxic stuff from the vet 
  • baths using non-toxic soap. baths using non-toxic shampoo and conditioner. baths using just water. not too many baths
  • and in the meantime, she hurt her eye (which got better) 
  • but then her eyes would have to be flushed daily because of allergies. and i noticed she was rubbing her face on the wool blankets and rugs, and then getting the fibers in her eyes. so out went the wool. and things were better. for a bit
  • and then her eyes were bad again, from rubbing her face on linen [see above photo] 
  • so i've cut out the all-beef treats and the adored turkey slices, and have been gradually switching from this bison-and-venison food to this salmon-and-sweet-potato one (both are grain-free). three times she's gone on hunger strikes, not eating from sundown to sundown, and then gobbling up food
  • and she won't eat kibble with olive oil on it 
  • i comb her every morning, there are no fleas, and yet she continues to scratch like mad -- except when she sleeps, or i hold her, or she curls up next to me. which makes it sound psychological, right? but i see no reason for this (except she lives with someone slowly being driven mad by scratching)
  • no new cleaners or laundry soap 
dear readers, what am i missing?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015


  • adventuring: a dinner party with neighbor friends (eight people on a small boat -- it can be done). eating dessert first. bingo with my mom. exploring building resources
  • eating: gluten-free lasagna. a shared root beer float. gluten-free pizza
  • reading: thomas perry. pam houston
  • listening to: tried this john sandford but it was too grisly, so trying this one
  • watching: the newsroom (3). longmire (1)
  • boat projects: working on the floors, ceiling, a little at a time
  • thinking about: this bread. these words. how brave my harbormaster is for making this video. these floors
  • disliking: how wi-fi gets screwed up during low tide (and, particularly, king tides). maisie's digestive issues. that i can't figure out maisie's allergies
  • laughing at: this map (which i saw pre-blizzard). this photo
  • loving: this bed nook. sunny days. our new, local, independent coffee shop with gluten-free pastries. and now, there are three

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saturday, January 24, 2015